LI138 Portable Calor Gas Heater

As energy prices rocket, pay as you go with our LI138 Cabinet Heater. Why heat the whole house when a superior portable heater can give you powerful heating you need, in whatever room you are using at the time. Ideal for spot heating, power cuts or any emergency where you need a reliable heat source.

1、piezoelectrical ignition
2、Three power settings
3、Gas power:4.2KW,3pcs 1.4w ceramic
5、Gas input:1.4KW(min)/2.8KW(med)/4.2KW(max)
6、Gas consumption:110h/h(min)、200g/h(med)、305g/h(max)
7、Heating areas : 20-80cubic meters
Service : ODM/OEM

Comes complete with hose and 21mm regulator suitable for a 7kg 12kg or 15kg Calor Gas cylinder ( not supplied )
Ask instore about our package deal to include for a new cylinder and gas



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